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The Magaliesberg has a wide variety of habitats distinct in character and consequently, in the advantages to particular plants and animals.

Five rivers transect the Magaliesberg - the Apies, Pienaars, Moretele, Hex and Crocodile.  Kloofs add scenic and geological interest to the range, and include waterfalls which run into deep rock pools.

Moderated, benign conditions in these gorges suit luxuriant flora and dense forests. The seclusion and constant water supply attract many animals.

Cliffs crown the southern aspect of the range for almost its entire length, and the rock face is as high as 100 meters in places. The inaccessibility of the cliffs offers protection to many fauna and flora species.

At the top of the Southern slopes deeper soil and more shelter create a microclimate where herbaceous plants thrive.  Many of these plants occur in this region alone.

The foothills carry good grass cover but the area is susceptible to sheet erosion.

The crests offer little protection from the elements. The combination of high winds, little moisture and cold winters confines plant life at the crest to hardy xerophytic species.

The upper parts of the Northern Slopes bake in the rays of the sun all day and are usually hot and dry.   The lower parts receive a fair amount of runoff, and streams are abundant.


Hammerkop Kloof

The habitat variety in the Magaliesberg supports more than -

130 tree species, 90 mammal species, 80 reptile  and  amphibian species, and  over 450 bird species.

Birds of the MAgaliesberg Biosphere - John Wesson

The variety of flora and the adaptability to differing microclimates sustains the wide variety of creatures.

Boophane  - Mercia Komen

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