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The Magaliesberg Mountain range has been there from the first - the first plant life, the first creatures and the earliest evolutionary emergences of human beings.

The scenic beauty and biodiversity value of the natural environment is unquestionable. The value to man as a haven from the stress of urban life, and as an open space to enjoy, is clear. However, the archaeological interest in this area is as important as the natural aspects.

The Magaliesberg provides glimpses into the long unwritten history of southern Africa and the early development of mankind. The historic and archeological treasures are significant to all South Africans whether they trace their origins to Tswana, Nguni, Boer or British.

For these reasons, when we understand the rich cultural and natural assets of the Magaliesberg, it becomes imperative that we find ways to use and enjoy the Magaliesberg that will ensure the longevitiy of the very things we value today.

"Therefore the task is not to preserve a ridge of solid quartzite. Instead, the real challenge is to learn how to use and enjoy all that the mountains have to offer and allow that enjoyment to be sustained in perpetuity". ~ Vincent Carruthers

Seeking UNESCO recognition for the Magaliesberg Biosphere is about bringing focused attention to sustainability. Balancing the relationship between people and nature in this iconic region will allow conservation and sustainable development to go hand in hand.

The Magaliesberg Biosphere Initiative Group (M.B.I.G) is actively encouraging the South African government to register the Magaliesberg Biosphere under UNESCO. Our growing membership represents the Biosphere community “the people who live or work or are in any way involved with this national treasure. By becoming a member of the Magaliesberg Biosphere you will help to ensure that the this area is used and conserved in perpetuity and that the government has a sound foundation on which to base its application for UNESCO recognition.

While the Magaliesberg range was proclaimed a Protected Natural Environment in 1977, the protection applies only to the core area. The pressure of an expanding population has led to some encroachment into pristine or special places already. To address the economic demands, a specific approach is needed. M.B.I.G believes that collaboration is the first step in sustainability.

Biospheres are places of cooperation, education and research where local communities, environmental groups, and economic interests can work collaboratively on conservation and development issues.

The invitation is open to all to participate. Begin by joining our mailing list or registering on this site.

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