Participation in the Magaliesberg Biopshere is invited, and is welcome. Three categories of participation in the public involvement component – Stakeholders, Members and Friends of the Biosphere - are defined here.



Any person or group of people who have a direct interest in, or are affected by, the Magaliesberg Biosphere and have a right to participate in the development and functioning of the Biosphere.


Stakeholders have the right to be informed about the Biosphere and to express their views publicly and to have those views fully and properly considered by the developers of the Biosphere.


Stakeholders who wish to participate in, and influence, the development of the Biosphere should register in the appropriate category of membership (see below).

The Biosphere Steering Committee has an obligation to advertise and disseminate information about the Biosphere to as many stakeholder groups as possible and to encourage stakeholders to register and express their views.



Any resident, employee, landowner or business operator within the Biosphere may register as a member of the Magaliesberg Biosphere Reserve.  Members might be individuals, families, small businesses, NGOs, corporates, community organisations, academic facilities, schools, and so on. 


Members have the right to all benefits accruing from membership including, but not confined to:

Voting rights in the election of the constitutionally established Biosphere management committees.
Participation in any development of, or changes to, the Constitution of the Biosphere.
Use of the name, logo and tagline of the Biosphere in accordance with the use agreements and conditions prescribed in the Constitution.
Access to the MAB organisation for assistance in matters of research, education, logistics or other core values promoted by the world Biosphere movement.
Receipt of the Magaliesberg Biosphere newsletter and any other relevant information by electronic mail.
Access to any new benefits to be derived from the Biosphere as these are developed.


Members are obliged to adhere to and uphold he Biosphere Constitution, and to comply with the Manangement Plan as it pertains to them. Conspicuous failure to implement the objectives of the management plan will result in de-registration of the Biosphere.




Any person or organisation wishing to support the concept of the Magaliesberg Biosphere. Support may take the form of financial contributions, assistance with time and skills, public support or in any other way.


Friends of the Biosphere will constitute an important stakeholder group. They will not have voting rights or commercial rights to the logo (unless they are also members) but their contribution will be acknowledged wherever possible.


Friends of the Biosphere will have no obligations other than their own voluntary contribution.


Stakeholders include everyone involved in any way with the Biosphere (positively or negatively).

Members are the core of the Biosphere and determine its governance and structure.

Friends are supporters of the Biosphere.

If you reside in, conduct business, study, work, play or own property in the proposed biosphere, we would like to keep you informed.  Please take a moment to send us your name and contact details.  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or register on the site.

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