General benefits

Provides international recognition for the diversity of interests in the Magaliesberg.
Provides an international network for co-operation and information sharing.
Fosters understanding between the different ways in which land is perceived as valuable.
Creates a “sense of place” for everyone. This is OUR Magaliesberg – not yours or mine.
Creates an international network of opportunities – capacity building, research, funding.
Offers a transparent communication of information.
Reduces confrontation and controversy.

Benefits to government

Consolidates legislation, EMFs and local government planning into one code of practice for all.
Provides a practical framework and clear guidelines for implementing legislation.
Fosters economic and human development in the region.
Provides a forum for capacity building.
Provides a network of specialists for technical input on development projects
Provides a basis for funding and financial allocation.
Gives guidelines for infrastructure priorities.
Provides a pre-screening framework for EIA processes.

Benefits for environmental agencies, institutions, educators and individuals

Provides substance to sustainable development and removes ambiguity from the term.
Offers a platform for research.
Provides a centralised database of information and resources.
Provides a structure for environmental education and knowledge dissemination.
Provides a public image and respectability for initiatives.

Benefits for local communities and the poor

Offers frameworks for poverty relief programmes.
Directs and guides infrastructure and development needs – housing, roads, services, etc.
Offers sustainable employment opportunities.
Supports self sustainability programmes, food production, entrepreneurial skills, etc.

Benefits to landowners and residents

Provides future security for existing lifestyles.
May increase financial security of property.
Provides the resident communities with a common cause.

Benefits to tourism

Gives a competitive advantage as a tourist destination.
Provides a promotional “hook.”
Is a significant requirement for overseas visitors (and, possibly local ones in time).
Encourages a general improvement in service standards.

Benefits to other business – property development

Increased land values
Enhances the market desirability of the region.
Provides guidelines for sustainable development.

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