Frithia pulchra

Judd Kirkel has been photographing Southern Africa’s flora for the past decade and has built up a collection of over 10 000 images.

Most of these photographs are used in his fascinating talks and lectures to enthrall audiences with the spectacular flora of this country.

Since childhood, Judd has been intrigued by plants and flowers. His interest in botany resulted in many hours exploring the garden, and the beauty of flowers.
He is passionate about the wealth of South Africa’s plants. This passion extends to his love of photographing South Africa’s flora in its natural habitat. Judd has traveled more than one hundred thousand kilometres in the last decade to document and photograph a huge portion of Southern Africa’s flora.
His fascination with plants is something he wants to share. He is inspired to educate the public and to encourage gardeners to see and understand the diversity that surrounds us in our own country.
Judd writes articles, presents regular talks, leads tours and is Chairman of the Succulent Society of South Africa. His website - Wild Succulent - has information about his talks and a calendar of events.
“We have 10% of the world’s diversity of flora on South Africa’s 2% land space occupying the globe. This means is if there were only 100 species of plants left on planet earth and we were to share the species amongst all the other countries on the globe, you would find some countries don’t get any species of the original 100 plants, other countries just get one species. But South Africa would have 10 out of those 100 species!”, says Judd.
Judd is exhibiting his work at the Festival of 13 March. You are invited to view a selection of his photographs, which will also be available to purchase and order.
All photos for sale at the show will be personally autographed and titled by Judd Kirkel.
Only three copies of a photograph are set aside for purchase, and thereafter the image is no longer available.

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