The rain of the past weeks has focused attention close to home, and sometimes, leaving home entailed driving an obstacle course.

Helen Duigan writes "I hope our roads are never tarred ... I think dirt roads are ideal for community building. There are few things as conducive to community-building as being stuck in a mud hole and mercifully being dragged out by neighbours, or vice versa - towing neighbours out of mud holes. Residents took turns in being the victim or the rescuer."
Have no fear of tar Helen! Liz Greyling of Hartebeestfonteinn Conservancy writes that North West no longer has funds even for the maintenance of roads.
In the wake of the rain, increased numbers of frogs and toads have also been noted. With the sudden appearance of toadstools, at least one member of the Biosphere is thoroughly intrigued. Is he looking for frogs, toads or fabled creatures?

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