In the current economic climate many businesses are battling and there are few job opportunities for the poor. The Hartebeestfontein Conservancy is sensitive to the plight of those living within the conservancy, an area spanning about 5000 hectares.
The best prospect for employment lies in self-employment. And so the initiative to give a hand-up!

Hartebeest Jobs is a work skills project initiated to promote sustainable small business development and job creation for the benefit of all stakeholders, but especially for the needy permanent residents of the Conservancy.
The purpose is to equip hard workers who can contribute to the small business future of the area, by delivering marketable goods and services on a sustainable basis and with respect for the conservation of natural resources.
Ivan Lätti, the initiator says, “Support will be grown for local products and services to be introduced, promoted and improved. Underlying is a collaborative spirit of sharing and mutual backing on a merit basis.”
He says that at the heart of the programme is aftercare and coaching to prevent the faltering of fledgling businesses.
“Skills courses are targeted at those with talent and they make a personal choice – and commitment – to a particular job stream.”
Hartebeest Jobs has kicked off with its first group of trainees. If you would like to start a similar work skills initiative in your area, contact Ivan Lätti. Hartebeest Jobs is well-thought out, and there is documentation to outline the appropriate steps and interventions.

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