The appointment of Contour Project Managers CC (CPM) to handle the registration of the Biosphere is probably the most important development since the Magaliesberg Protection Association started the Biosphere initiative in 2006.
Willie Boonzaaier heads the Contour consortium and brings a long track record of successes including his work on the establishment of the Waterberg Biosphere and going right back to the founding of the Pilanesberg Game reserve in the 1970’s. Willie has assembled a team of top experts in project management, law, town planning, education, training and research.

In the first phase the focus is on the study of the extensive existing body of knowledge and documentation, including a comprehensive ecological, social and legal assessment of the proposed Biosphere region. Additionally, CPM would ensure that there is no conflict between the Biosphere Constitution and other existing legislation, regulations and guidelines.

The second phase will ensure that all stakeholders and communities who will be affected by the Biosphere have been consulted and that all aspects, including the benefits, of the Biosphere have been fully explained and understood.

Finally, the Constitution of the Biosphere will be properly compiled, printed and made available to all stakeholders. The Application Document, compliant with the MAB UNESCO requirements, will be finalised.

The study area for the consortium’s work is defined by two anchor points - the Pilansberg and the Cradle of Humankind - with the Magaliesberg range as core area. A substantial buffer area is included. This is NOT the proposed Biosphere; it is merely the region that the consortium will be working in to obtain their information. The final boundaries will be set with full participation by all stakeholders.

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