People of the Magaliesberg

Vincent is no stranger to the Magaliesberg - he has been tramping through the mountains since he first purchased land in the late 70's.

His keen interest in nature was sparked much earlier when as a young boy, he explored the forests and grasslands of the Drakensberg. Drawn to the mountains again, Vincent and his wife Jane Carruthers, both enthusiastic ecologists, recognised the region needed protection from inappropriate development.

Not only did Vincent participate in the founding of the Magaliesberg Protection Association, he also help found Delta Environmental Centre, was CEO of Wildlife Society (now WESSA), and chairman of the Ornithological Society. He has a way with words, whether in print form over a variety of specialist topics, or as raconteur bringing the past to life in the most entertaining and informative ways.

Vincent is the present chairman of the Section21 company, Magaliesberg Biosphere. The company is established as a vehicle for stakeholder participation in the Biosphere. Vincent has been instrumental and tireless in the work, bringing practical good sense to the effort.

(You can watch a short clip by Vincent featured on by following this link)

Just returned from a trip to Finland, Vincent has drafted a report to stimulate discussion for future activities in the Magaliesberg Biosphere.

"Our information gathering was informal and focused on anything we happened to come upon that might be useful to ensure the Biosphere is genuinely beneficial and useful to stakeholders".

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