The Chairman's Report

Progress by Contour Project Management towards the listing of the Biosphere is proceeding well. The nomination should be submitted to UNESCO by September 2012.

Our non-profit company, Magaliesberg Biosphere NPC, has now been registered together with our Biosphere logo. The company is intended to be the management organisation for the Biosphere. Once the Biosphere is registered, it will be necessary to appoint a Board with sixteen members representing each of the following stakeholder groups. If anyone thinks they might want to represent one of the groups, please send your name, contact details and short biography to us for collation. Keep watching this website for developments.

  •     Natural resource conservation (e.g. MPA, MCSA, WESSA, BirdLife SA and other NGOs)
  •     Heritage (e.g. Arch Soc, HEHA, etc.)
  •     Culture (e.g. Artists, cultural centres, museums, libraries, religious organisations)
  •     Tourism (e.g. Magalies Meander, tourist associations, tour guide associations, recreation clubs such as MCSA, hiking clubs, etc.)
  •     Commerce and industry (e.g. NW Business Forum, Invest North West, Chambers of Commerce).
  •     Mines.
  •     Sustainable development (Property developers, town and regional planners, engineers, estate agents)
  •     Municipal planning and development services.
  •     Cradle WHS
  •     Marketing, legal and other specialist consulting services operating in the Magaliesberg.
  •     Education (Schools, training centres, environmental education institutions, etc.)
  •     Research (Universities, scientific institutions, etc. )
  •     Landowners (Farmers unions, MCSA, bodies corporate/Landowners associations, etc.)
  •     Conservancies
  •     Land occupiers (permanent non-landowning residents or resident workers)
  •     Principal supporters and sponsors of the Biosphere (e.g. MCSA, mining houses, etc.)

About 400 people and organisations have now put their names behind the Biosphere and we are consolidating the names collected by Contour with our own lists. Please remember that UNESCO require an original signed form from every interested party, so please contact us through the website if you need a form to be sent to you for signature.

Although the development of the Biosphere is now moving ahead well, we are still very worried about the lack of regulations needed to govern the core area. Government was supposed to compile these regulations in 2003. Despite constant effort by the Magaliesberg Protection Association and others to help in any possible way, the regulations are still not in place. The absence of formally proclaimed regulations leaves the door wide open to abusive practices, and places a tremendous load on civil society to be a watchdog. Sceptics are now suggesting that the delay may not be without ulterior motive. Let us hope that the Magaliesberg Biosphere is there for the enjoyment of many, and not the profit of few.

Vincent Carruthers, Chairman

 Magaliesberg Biosphere

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