The last word

People sometimes forget that all organisations they create become living organisms themselves. The rules for their existence and wellbeing are similar to those for all animal and plant species.

Each living thing, each team or committee has a rhythm of good and less good times, like the seasons, or day and night.

They can be challenged to achieve at the appropriate time; other times you will only make them uneasy by asking them a favour.

They are sensitive; approachable when they feel nurtured, retiring when they feel threatened.

Institutions and associations are scared of dying and sometimes hold on to familiar ways for too long, simply because they feel safer that way. They stay useful as long as they are subservient and have some meaning somewhere in the ecological food chain. This enables them to form survival alliances. If they don't contribute anything, they fall into decay.

Like some people, they suffer from the illusion of indestructibility, think they will live forever, and sometimes act likewise.

The community of organisations forms a network, where those who are regarded as valuable, gain support, as long as they achieve.

Associations that cooperate, build a type of federal power that benefits the whole group. Those who fight each other, use up all their energy and weaken the whole.

Without institutions, clubs, teams, organisations and companies man will be back in the trees! We acquire services and products from the collaboration of resources to build capacity - only possible in organisations. Without this, we are lost.

People forget that organisations that are useful to them can die if nobody helps - and then everybody suffers.

Leadership and vision put an end to decay, pull like-minded people together and build continuously. Leaders will also follow when others contribute, because many followers strengthen teams. Good leaders will allow others' inputs, in order to enhance decision-making.  Then all are leaders and followers in tandem; each according to his/her potential.

Written by Ivan Lätti, former Magaliesberg Biosphere Initiative Group Committee member.

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