The Eco-Logic Awards assist the consumer to be more conscious of their spending power and the message it send to business. Every product or service purchased by a consumer has an environmental impact, and the Awards, initiated by the Enviropaedia and judged by a panel of highly respected, environmentally aware individuals, investigates a range of products, services and organisations to recognise and reward those that have been produced in an eco-logical manner.

The Award Ceremony took place in the Cradle of Humankind on 27 September 2012.

Clive Walker, co-author of The Rhino Keepers: Struggle for Survival, received the  Enviropaedia Lifetime Eco-Logic Achievement Award.  The Clive Walker Foundation continues contributing to the meaningful improvement of lives and families within the neighbouring Waterberg Biosphere Reserve.

The many conservancies in the intended Magaliesberg Biosphere will recognise the names of two other commendations:  Ivan Parkes and  the National Association of Conservancies/Stewardship of South Africa (NACSSA).

Ivan Parkes received a commendation in the Category Eco-Warrior, and NACSSA in the category Biodiversity.  Ivan serves as chairperson of the Gauteng Conservancy and Stewardship Association (GCSA), liaising with the Gauteng Department of Agriculture, and Rural Development (GDARD) and a variety of conservation and environment bodies.  He is the GCSA's representative on NACSSA.

The Enviropaedia panel said: “[NACSSA] is a vital movement, giving the first real voice to grassroots conservation in South Africa and creating a platform for landowners, land-users and residents to work together in the interests of healthy communities.”

In the Biosphere Initiative Group, John Wesson, chairman of NACSSA, represents the conservancies and attends the Steering Committee to give the conservancies a voice.

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