July brought changes to the legislation on Aliens – and some of the changes may surprise you, and require that you re-think your garden.
Aliens are divided into two categories. In the first (1a) compulsory control of aliens is required, and in the second (1b) a management plan is needed and you need motivate for a permit to continue to keep the species on your property.
Take a walk around you garden and check if you are compliant. On the list are 14 fish, 9 reptiles, 9 birds, 15 mammals and 106 plants.
Do you have periwinkle in your garden? Wandering Jew? Yellow flag iris (Iris pseudacorus)? These common garden plants are now on the list. If you intend to keep them, you will need a permit.
Other species include rainbow trout, Nile tilapia, black-faced impala, mallard ducks and Indian myna birds.

Hartebeestfontein Conservancy is offering a new information series on Invasive Alien Plants.   Alternately visit the nationally applicable site www.invasive.org.za.

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