Vincent Carruthers has been awarded the highest possible honour from North-West University – the Chancellor’s Medal Award – in recognition of  his outstanding contributions to environmental sciences in the North-West Province and nationally, his authorship of excellent field guides and other books on wildlife, and for his contribution using natural history to unite racial groups and to nurture respect for different cultures.
Vincent is a member of the Magaliesberg Biosphere Initiative Group and Chairman of the Magaliesberg Biosphere NPC.
He is an expert on amphibia and wetlands in South-Africa, and the author of various authoritative publications in the fields of natural sciences and South-African history, including The Magaliesberg, The Wildlife of Southern Africa - Guide to the Animals and Plants of the Region, South African Frogs - A Complete Guide, etc.

Vincent served on the Parks and Tourism Board of the North-West Province for seven years, and was the Chief Executive Officer of the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa, chairperson of Birdlife South Africa, and vice-chairperson of the Delta Environment Centre. He also Director of the Sustainable Tourism Research Institute of Southern Africa.

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