The Plight and Pain of our Vultures


Cape Vultures are in crisis. These magnificent birds of the Magaliesberg struggle to survive, for multiple reasons. Problems such as pylon injuries, malicious poisonings, multi killings and insufficient food source all contribute. In an effort to decrease the continual loss of birds, various conservation programmes exist. One such effort is the rehabilitation of injured, grounded and disabled vultures.

Vulpro has been at the forefront of conservation, rehabilitation and breeding programmes. Recently Vulpro again applied innovation to the plight, and pain, of Vultures. Broken wings are a frequent injury, and often the wing is amputated.

“We decided to try a new technique in ‘pulling’ the broken wing up and shortening it to avoid amputating the wing or allowing the broken wing to drag on the ground. This has never been done before and the procedure was long but absolutely worth it. ”
“I am super pleased to show results of this operation and to share with our followers that the little White-backed vulture is doing so well and super happy with his wing. Dorianne Elliott and Stefan a big thank you for undertaking this op. Stefan you have done wonders for this bird and I cannot thank you enough”, says Kerri Wolter of Vulpro.

Well done Vulpro.


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