Mercia was for many years the most industrious and effective member of the Biosphere Initiative Group and I really believe that without her perseverance we may never have achieved the registration of the Biosphere at all.

It is with sadness that I inform you of Mercia’s passing on Monday July 2nd.

She made an indelible contribution to the environment. Her knowledge and dedication will  be sorely missed.

We were deeply saddened to hear of Mercia’s death. Whilst we were aware of her acute illness, and she herself had advised us that she was fighting a losing battle, it is a tribute to her strength and mental fortitude that she managed to survive for as long as she did.

Mercia was a wonderful champion of all that is right in the world, and she focused her energies in pursuing what she believed were causes that would enhance the world and particularly the communities within which she operated. We in the Magaliesberg Biosphere were grateful beneficiaries of her efforts and much of what was achieved in the formation of the biosphere was with her assistance and perseverance. Once the Biosphere had been declared by UNESCO, Mercia guided us through meetings and assisted us with the wealth of knowledge that she had built up over the years.

Mercia was a very private person and was understandably reluctant to communicate with us as her health failed. We have, as a result, missed her calm and clear thinking over the past few months.

We are saddened by her death as colleagues, and we can only imagine how much more she will be mourned by those who were close to her. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time and we hope that it will not be too long before your grief has lifted and you can remember Mercia for the kind, loving and capable person she was in her prime.

Mercia’s contribution to protecting the environment and building community is huge. Her wisdom and knowledge will be missed as will her gentle and kind nature.


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