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2009 – ICI Representatives Visit SA

Gauteng Urban Task Team Support

January 29, 2009

The Biosphere concept is presented to a meeting of the Gauteng Urban Task Team and obtains its enthusiastic support.

NW allocates budget

February 14, 2009

On request of NWDACE, Vincent Carruthers and Paul Fatti draw up a Terms of Reference document for the Invitation to submit proposals for the development of a Magaliesberg Biosphere Registration Application. It would appear that NWDACE has budgeted two million rand for the project.

Fins to Provides Additional Funds

May 6, 2009

Malinda Grove informs us that the Magaliesberg Biosphere Tender was advertised by NWDACE, following which a briefing session was held with service providers on 16 April. NWDACE has also made a submission to the Finnish Government for additional funding for the Biosphere Project.

MEC confirms intention to submit application

July 7, 2009

MEC Boitumelo Shadrack Tshwene’s budget speech is presented in the North West Provincial Legislature. “This programme is designed to meet one of the most challenging issues the world faces today: how to conserve the diversity of plants, animals and micro organisms which make up our living biosphere and maintain healthy natural systems, while at the same time meeting the material needs and aspirations of an increasing number of people….The Magaliesberg range was proclaimed as a Protected Natural Environment back in 1977. We will therefore submit our proposal to the Minister to declare the Magaliesburg (sic) proposal as a biosphere.”

Tender On Hold

July 20, 2009

Malinda Grove informs us that Supply Chain of NWDACE has put the tender on hold due to financial constraints.

Lebo Diale Appointed

November 4, 2009

Malinda Grove informs us that the NWDACER’s Finnish partners in the Biosphere process will be visiting at the end of the month to start working on the process from their side. Lebo Diale, the person now in charge of NW DACER’s Biosphere process, arranges with us for a meeting to take place between the Finns and the Biosphere Steering committee on 25 November.

ICI send representation to SA

November 25, 2009

Institutional Cooperation Instrument (ICI)’s sent three members to SA to prepare a proposal document recommending support from the ICI for the Magaliesberg Biosphere Project. At a workshop there was a presentation on the ICI, which provides institutional support and funding for projects supported by the Provincial Government and the relevant Finnish institution. This was followed by presentations on the Paijanne Biosphere Initiative and the environmental collaboration that has been taking place between Finland and Russia. Vincent Carruthers and Paul Fatti presented the details and motivation of the Magaliesberg Biosphere Initiative. Presentations on the Cradle of Humankind, followed and included in the Biosphere and the Harties Metse a me (Hartbeespoort Dam water remediation) programme. A positive response may lead to a full-time coordinator (funded by the ICI) being appointed for the Magaliesberg Biosphere project, whose task will be to prepare the UNESCO application document, as well as to carry out all the other required activities, such as consulting with stakeholders and establishing a Stakeholder’s Forum, most probably with the help of a consultant (funded by NW-DACERD).

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