Advisory Committee supports listing

March 20, 2015

The advisory committee to UNESCO supports the listing of Magaliesberg Biosphere. The Magaliesberg mountain range and the Cradle of Humankind are the core areas of the Biosphere, and an array of conservancies and other privately owned land form the buffer. The recommendation by the Advisory Committee of Biosphere Reserves will be considered and decided on 12 June in Paris. Landowners in the Biosphere rallied to assist with obtaining the endorsements needed.

Keen Photographers

March 21, 2015

Call goes out to keen photographers to support the application by sending their photographs of the Magaliesberg Biosphere – a photograph that captures what defines the region. 

We receive photographs from Ivan Latti, Judd Kirkel, Niko Knigge and Mercia Komen.


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