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2006 Nov – The Idea is Proposed

The Idea is Proposed

November 18, 2006

The initiative to create a Biosphere reserve in the Magaliesberg region attempted to comply strictly with proper procedures and protocol regarding provincial and national involvement. A biosphere can only be proposed to UNESCO by the national government. The Magaliesberg region falls within two provinces each of which is responsible for the management and protection of the Magaliesberg Protected Environment. It is therefore appropriate to motivate the provinces to take control of the Biosphere project, starting with the NW Province in which 80% of the MPE falls.

Vincent Carruthers moots the idea of a Magaliesberg Biosphere at the AGM of the Magaliesberg Protection Association.

Premier’s Support

November 30, 2006

Vincent Carruthers and John Wesson, under the auspices of the North West Business Forum, presented the concept of a Magaliesberg Biosphere to the NW Premier. The Premier Mme Edna Molewa, indicated her enthusiasm for the idea and requested that it be taken further.

MPA, Birdlife SA and WESSA to Assist

December 14, 2006

Magaliesberg Protection Association agreed to temporarily provide the necessary structure, secretariat and basic funding for the Biosphere initiative. The MPA became a member of the North West Business Forum to formalise its collaboration with the Forum in developing the Biosphere concept. Birdlife South Africa and WESSA. WESSA are also collaborating with the MPA on the Biosphere initiative.

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